Skin Tightening

How does Titan work ?

Titan utilizes a safe infrared light to heat the dermis well below the skin’s surface. This in return causes immediate collagen contraction resulting in tighter skin. During the procedure the skin surface is protected through continuous cooling with the titan hand piece.

What areas respond best to the Titan procedure?

Loose skin along the Jaw line, under the chin, the abdomen and upper arms have responded particularly well to the procedure.

Who can be treated ?

Since the Titan procedure is heating tissue under the skin’s surface, patients of any skin type can be treated. Men and women of all ages and skin types are potential candidate.

Any side effects?

Immediately following the treatment, you may notice some redness and mild swelling. Both should dissipate within a few hours.

Some patients see results immediately. However, for most patients, the results are gradual over a three to six month period as new collagen is formed and the skin tightens.