Laser Resurfacing

What is the Pearl Procedure?

The Pearl procedure combines the impact of resurfacing lasers with the gentleness and safety of non-invasive procedures to treat aging and sun damaged skin. It reduces wrinkles, uneven texture and solar damage.

How does the Pearl treatment work?

The top layer of the skin is treated with pulses of light. The Laser simultaneously sends heat to the deeper layers of skin to provide long term benefits. A natural protective dressing forms on the skin to minimise down time during the restorative process. On day 3-4 this natural dressing will peel or slough off, revealing new, healthy, vibrant skin underneath. Make up may be applied at this time.

What is social downtime?

Downtime is the time spent recovering from a procedure. With social downtime, you can continue your normal daily activities. However, you may not wish to attend important social events because your face will appear pink or red.

Can Pearl be part of a combination therapy treatment?

yes, patients may choose to have a pearl laser treatment combined with other laser procedures such as laser Genesis or Titan, as well as fillers or anti wrinkle injections.