Arm Liposuction

Woman showing upper armLavida Cosmetic Medicine provides liposuction procedures in our Sydney practice in Sutherland Shire.

Many people struggle with excess fat around their upper arms. It can be an uncomfortable experience. Some find that excess arm fat has a detrimental impact on their self-confidence, for example making them uncomfortable with wearing sleeveless tops.

Excess fat on the upper arms can be an issue related to illnesses or genetic conditions, overeating, or simple genetics. Hormones can also play a roll, and women are somewhat more likely to develop this issue than men.

Whatever the cause, weight gain that appears on the upper arms can be difficult to address. Diet and exercise may help, but some people find that this region of the body is resistant to their efforts to lose weight with traditional methods.

If you are dealing with problem fat in the upper arms, one possible solution is arm liposuction. Modern liposuction techniques are minimally invasive and don’t leave unsightly scars. This procedure can remove excess fat from the upper arms and slim them down to a more low-profile shape.

Lavida Cosmetic Medicine uses a procedure called tumescent liposuction that eliminates the need for an overnight hospital stay and even for the use of a general anaesthetic. With this technology and the skilled care of our team of experienced, accredited doctors, our patients are able to go home directly after their procedure and full recovery times are only a few days long.

To learn more about our liposuction techniques and to schedule a free consultation, call Lavida Cosmetic Medicine at our Caringbah or Bankstown offices today.