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Listed below are Lavida Cosmetic Solutions

Acne and Acne Scarring

Skin Care, Microdermabrassion, superficial and deep Chemical Peels, Red and Blue light therapy, Laser Genesis, Photodynamic Therapy, Laser resurfacing, Dermal fillers and Medical Needling.

Birth Marks – Brown and Red

Topical lightening creams, Chemical Peels and Lasers.

Keloid and Hypertropic Scars

Corticosteriod creams and injections, Topical silicone gel and Laser Genesis.

Rosacea and Facial Redness

Anti-inflammatory skin products, Vascular Lasers like Nd YAG 1064 nm.

Facial Volume Loss

Dermal Fillers and Fat Transfer.


Lightening creams, Lime Light – IPL and Lasers.

Fat Depositis

Lipodissolve injections and Liposuction.

Hair Removal

Prowave 770, Nd YAG 1064 laser which is safe for all skin types including dark skin.

Excessive Sweating

Anti-wrinkle injections used normally for facial wrinkles can be injected in areas such as the underarms to reduce sweating.


Anti-wrinkle injections, Dermal fillers, Laser genesis and Laser resurfacing.

Leg Veins

Sclerotherapy injections and Laser vein removal.

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