Thread Lift – Face, Brows and Neck

A thread lift provides a non-surgical alternative to a face or neck lift at our Caringbah and Bankstown day surgeries

Many patients come to Lavida Cosmetic Medicine wanting to counteract facial sagging that results from ageing but without undergoing surgery. A thread lift provides an excellent minimally invasive alternative to a surgical face lift for early to moderate skin sagging.

Using local anaesthetic, your surgeon will use threads to lift the skin and underlying tissue of the face, including eyebrows, neck, jowls and chin areas, to create a firmer and more youthful appearance. A thread lift has a short recovery time, with minimal discomfort and risks compared to a surgical procedure.

This procedure is simple and safe for people not seeking dramatic changes to their facial appearance. Results are natural looking and can be expected to last for several years.

Why choose Lavida Cosmetic Medicine?

Lavida Cosmetic Medicine is owned and operated by well-trained and qualified doctors, so you can be confident of the highest standards of care.

Our principal doctor, Dr Sam Botros, is a fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and an associate member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia. Dr Botros has been practicing cosmetic medicine since 2007, with a special interest in liposculpture. It is a condition of membership for doctors to keep up-to-date with the latest medical and scientific advances, so you can be assured that you are receiving the best possible treatment and advice.

Lavida Cosmetic Medicine is staffed by friendly, honest and caring medical professionals. We are dedicated to providing first class medical care with the latest equipment and comfortable treatment, recovery and waiting rooms.

Our practice rooms in Caringbah and Bankstown are centrally located for easy access, with onsite parking for your convenience and privacy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long does a thread lift take?
    A thread lift is usually complete in one hour.
  • How soon can I return to work and exercise after a thread lift?
    Most patients will experience some facial swelling, so we recommend three to five days away from work to recover.
  • How long will the benefits of a thread lift last?
    Benefits of a thread lift can be expected to last for three years.
  • What costs can I expect?
    We will discuss procedure costs during your free consultation and make sure you are fully aware of the details of our fee structure.

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