Privacy of Your Information

Lavida Cosmetic Medicine is committed to maintaining your privacy.  This brochure will explain how we respect your privacy through ensuring all your information remains confidential.

Information we collect

When you are a patient at Lavida Cosmetic Medicine the following information will be collected about you:


  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Proposed treatment and treatment given

This is your personal Medical Record. If you return to Lavida Cosmetic Medicine as a patient, new information will be added to your record.We are required to hold your record for a minimum of 7 years after your last visit. For children, we have to hold the record for 25 years. When we destroy your record, it is shredded.

Why is this information necessary?

Health Professionals use your information to plan and provide appropriate treatment. This includes your previous health information that can help us to quickly identify which treatments are likely to be safe and effective for you.Health information may also be used for reviewing, evaluating and improving our care and services. In this situation, your personal details are removed so that you cannot be identified.

Protection of you information

Your information is securely stored with your medical record and is accessible only to those health professionals involved in your care. This may include external services such as Pathology.In an emergency we will release personal information about you to facilitate your care. In all other circumstances your written consent will be sought prior to releasing information.Protection of your information is also achieved through strict policies that require staff compliance with confidentiality codes of conduct.

Who else may receive your information?

Following your treatment at Lavida Cosmetic Medicine information may be sent back to your referring GP and/or any other health professionals/service as agreed in consultation with you.

Others who may receive your information

Lavida Cosmetic Medicine may be obliged by law to release your personal information. Examples include:

  • Health funds – to ensure they have evidence of treatment
  • Reporting of basic information about you to the Department of Human Services such as age, gender and the suburbs in which you live, but not your name
  • Reporting of notifiable diseases to the department of Human Services (NSW) or the NSW Cancer Registry as appropriate.
  • Notification to our third party indemnity insurers in circumstances which may give rise to a claim
  • Presentation of your medical record as evidence in court when subpoenaed (in case of legal action)

Your right to access your information

At any time you may request access to your own medical record. To access your record you apply in writing to the Consumer Liaison Manager. If there is information in your record that is incorrect or with which you do not agree you have the right to request that it be corrected.

Information contained in this brochure is in accordance with:

  • Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (Cwlth)
  • Health Records Act 2001 (NSW)

Further Information about these acts can be accessed via:

At Lavida Cosmetic Medicine, we ensure that:

  • You always receive courteous treatment
  • Staff are considerate of your beliefs and ethnic, cultural and religious practices

You May:

  • Discharge yourself at any time despite the advice of the attending health care practioner or staff of the hospital centre
  • Make comment on or complain to our Complaints Manager about the treatment of the quality of the health service or care being provided
  • Making a complaint will not adversely affect you in the course of your treatment