Fat Transfer to Breasts and Buttocks

Woman’s torso, preparing for breast fat transferLavida Cosmetic Medicine offers fat transfer (fat grafting) procedures from two locations in Sydney.

Self-confidence is important. Many people feel uncomfortable or insecure about the shape of their breasts or buttocks, and this can lead to low self-esteem.

One way to regain a positive self-image is through a natural fat transfer procedure to enhance the appearance of your body. If you are interested in breast or buttock augmentation but are wary of artificial inserts, natural fat transfer procedures are a great alternative.

This can be achieved with a minimally-invasive procedure that removes fat from an unwanted area on your body and moves it to the area you want to enhance. It’s a simple procedure that’s less stressful on the body than artificial implants because it uses your own natural body tissue.

Why Choose Lavida Cosmetic Medicine?

Lavida Cosmetic Medicine is staffed by qualified and experienced doctors, so you can be confident of the highest standards of care. Dr Sam Botros, our principal Doctor, is a fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia and an associate member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia.

Dr Botros has been practicing cosmetic medicine since 2007, and our staff are highly experienced as well: the bottom line is that you can expect excellent care at Lavida Cosmetic Medicine. We are dedicated to providing first class medical care with the latest equipment and comfortable experiences for our patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a fat transfer take?

A: The procedure is relatively fast, generally requiring two to three hours to complete.

Q: How soon can I return to work and exercise after a fat transfer?

A: Recovery from these procedures is generally rapid. Most people are back to work in two or three days after breast and buttock augmentations. For facial procedures, recovery is a bit slower: most patients require a week to allow plenty of time for swelling to subside. How fast you’re able to return to exercise after a fat transfer varies from person to person; this is something to discuss during your free consultation.

Q: How long will the benefits of a fat transfer last?

If the handful of recommended follow-up procedures are completed after your fat transfer, you can expect the results to last between five and ten years.

Q: How much does a fat transfer cost?

Cost may vary from case to case. We will discuss procedure costs during your free consultation and make sure you are fully informed of the costs of this procedure.

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