Chin Liposuction

Woman in profile, touching chinLavida Cosmetic Medicine provides liposuction procedures from our Caringbah Practice in Sydney.

Many people struggle with excess fat around the chin, neck, and jowls area of the face. This is sometimes referred to as a “double chin,” and can have an adverse effect on self confidence and self image for many people. Many people find this is a very unflattering look, and would like to correct it.

Weight gain tends to concentrate in this region for reasons that are not completely understood. When a person begins to gain weight, it is likely that one of the first regions to accumulate extra fat and tissue is the chin and neck area. Conversely, this is also one of the last areas to be affected by exercise: it’s hard to make a difference here, even with a diligent routine.

For some people, this may be a genetic issue that is passed down from previous generations. For others, age plays a predominant role. But for most people, weight gain and lack of exercise is the primary cause of weight gain in the neck and chin.

Chin liposuction is one option for addressing this issue. Compared to other liposuction procedures and facelifts, chin liposuction is a relatively straightforward procedure, with minimal chance of scarring or other negative side effects. It’s a procedure that Lavida Cosmetic Medicine performs on a weekly basis. We are confident that our liposuction results are among the best in Australia (click here to learn more).

Unlike many liposuction providers, Lavida Cosmetic Medicine uses a “Tumescent Liposuction” technique which does not require an overnight hospital stay and does not require general anaesthesia. This also reduces recovery time and makes for a much more pleasant experience. Some people are able to return to normal activities only one day after the procedure, and most are back to work after 2-3 days.

If you are interested in our chin liposuction services, call now for a free consultation and to schedule an in-person appointment.